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Give students the power to create games

Students across K-12 use Bloxels to create characters, art, stories, and games to share with the world. No coding required.

What could your students build? Get ready to find out!

Bloxels EDU: Just For Educators

Bloxels EDU plans add the features, resources, and support that teachers need to make Bloxels work in their classrooms, makerspaces, and clubs, at a discounted price per student.

Private Student Collaboration and Sharing

Using the Class Library, students can share and collaborate on their characters, game art, and games privately with their class.

Review and Monitor Student Work

In the EDU Hub, teachers can view student work, review and showcase their games and stories, and control sharing, arcade, and asset pack features.

Standards-Aligned Resources and Activities

Download Educator Guides, including activities for different grade levels and subjects, as well as video tutorials through the EDU Hub.


What students build, practice and learn

Building games turns students from content consumers into confident digital creators.

They build games to “show what they know” about any topic. They build games to inform and persuade, and to tell their epic stories.

Along the way, they practice the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking on their journey to becoming fluent digital creators.


Build in the app...

In the Bloxels app, students can create characters, art, animations, backgrounds and more to make games big and small.

They can add narrative and logic to games, without using any code.

The Bloxels app is available on Chrome- books, iOS, Android, Kindle, and the Web.


...or add boards and blocks to get hands-on

Using the optional Bloxels board and blocks, students can create their own characters, game layouts, and art for their games. They can “capture” these physical creations with the Bloxels app, customize them, and immediately make them part of the game.

Although not required to use the Bloxels app, these manipulatives help introduce the building blocks of game building.